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About Me

My name is Simon Livingston. I like adventures, quests, and just about anything to do the Lord of the Rings. I also love trying different things and making things with my hands. I have been a luthier, a bowyer, a costumer, a web developer, and many other things besides. Right now I am also learning the play the cello. In addition to all these things, I am majoring in aerospace engineering at the University of Cincinnati with the hopes of eventually getting a job in some kind of a design position.



Making a Medieval Shirt

Here's a new article about how I make medieval looking shirts. I didn't go very in depth, but I may go more in depth at some point.Making a Medieval Shirt.


Still Making a Cello!

I know its been a while since an update, but I have been updating my cello page. In fact, I am almost done with my cello! I expect to finish in the next week or two. The cello page isn't completely up to date, but it does have most of it. Here's the link: Making a Cello.


Making a Cello!

I am in the process of making a cello. I will be updating the page somewhat regularly. It has lots of pictures, and I try to go into some detail regarding what I am doing. Will I be able to successfully make a cello? I sure hope so!


Custom Aluminum Plaque

Here is how I made an aluminum plaque for my mom for Christmas.


How I Made a Wooden Balance Board

I made a balance board for my dad for Christmas.


Making Wooden Spoons

This is my first attempt at making wooden spoons. I made some for my brother for Christmas.


Making a Battle Axe

I made an aluminum battle axe for my brother for Christmas.


My New Furnace

I made a new furnace for melting aluminum!


My First Medieval Belt

Wrote a post with details about my new belt!.


How I Made a Casting Flask

Uploaded a post showing how I constructed my new casting flask.


The Making of a Mold

Uploaded a tutorial for how to make a sand mold for casting aluminum.


Miniature Wooden Swords

I wrote a post about how I made/make Miniature Wooden Swords


Aluminum Sting

Uploaded a post detailing how I made Sting out of Aluminum. Also uploaded an album with pictures I took.

Aluminum Dagger


This is how I made a dagger out of aluminum-which happens to be one of my favorite projects.

A dagger casted out of aluminum- thearmourman.com/aluminum

Aluminum Sting


This is my attempt to make the sword Sting from the Lord of the Rings out of aluminum.

Sting casted out of aluminum- thearmourman.com/aluminum

Making a Mold for Casting Aluminum


This is how I make a sand mold for casting aluminum.

How to make a mold for casting aluminum- thearmourman.com/aluminum

Making a Flask for Casting Aluminum


This is how I made a wooden flask that is used to pack sand for casting aluminum.

How I made a flask for sand molds- thearmourman.com/aluminum

How I Made My New Furnace


My new, upgraded furnace is ready to melt some aluminum (and brass, and maybe copper)! Here is how I made it.

How I made my new aluminum melting furnace- thearmourman.com/aluminum

Making an Aluminum Battle Axe


I made this battle axe for my brother for Christmas. With an aluminum head and a oak haft, it almost feels like the real thing.

Learn how I made an aluminum battle axe- thearmourman.com/aluminum

Making an Aluminum Plaque


I made an aluminum plaque for my mom for Christmas. Here's how I did it.

How I make aluminum plaques- thearmourman.com/aluminum

Medieval Leather Belt #1


This is my first leather belt. It's not perfect, but it definitely looks pretty cool.

The first medieval leather belt that I have made- thearmourman.com/costumes

Making a Medieval Shirt


This is how I've been making medieval looking shirts for costumes

How I make medieval looking costume shirts- thearmourman.com/costumes

How I Make Miniature Wooden Swords


I started making miniature swords out of wood, with the intent to later cast them.

How I make miniature wooden swords- thearmourman.com/woodworking

My First Attempt at Wooden Spoons


I made a set of wooden spoons for my brother for Christmas. Here's a look at how my first attempt went.

How I made wooden spoons- thearmourman.com/woodworking

How I Made a Balance Board


I made this balance board for my dad's Christmas present. Here's a look at how I did it.

How I made a wooden balance board- thearmourman.com/woodworking

Making a Cello!


This is my first, and possibly only attempt at making a cello. Follow along and watch my progress!

How I made / am making a cello!- thearmourman.com/woodworking